Welcome to NTS-Solar

Welcome to NTS-Solar



Specializing in Green, Renewable Energy Featuring Solar Thermal Collectors


NTS-Solar is located in Weymouth, Massachusetts. NTS-Solar is an international manufacturer with extensive global affiliations in the expanding solar-thermal industry and was founded for the sole purpose of providing the solar-thermal industry with the innovative, patented NARVA Vacuum tube. This patented vacuum tube is calibrated for maximum solar-thermal energy collection throughout the world - especially in northern latitudes not previously considered favorable for existing solar-thermal technologies.  

Our manufacturing facility in Germany has over 4 decades experience producing glass tubes and fluorescent lamps. The Solar Vacuum Tubes, manufactured using a patented glass-to-metal-seal technology and engineered with world-renowned German expertise in a state-of-the-art, automated manufacturing plant, provide the foundation for truly revolutionary solar-thermal collection systems.

This new standard in solar-thermal power collection and the application characteristics of this revolutionary technology will open new markets and even larger opportunities within the solar-thermal power industry - especially as NTS-Solar continues to explore the industrial and commercial applications for this technology.


Largest Solar Heating and Cooling installation in all of Canada is now OPEN!!

The design and install managed and completed by NTS' Canadian and Western USA Partner Proterra Solar http://www.proterrasolar.com
You can see the system running live at http://oxfordgardenssolarproject.com


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SPower on a Metal roof5.JPG          Vertical Mounting of Double Coated Vacuum Tubes


Systems are Perfectly Suited for Commercial, Industrial Heat Process, Absorption Air Conditioning and Residential.

With the high temperatures our tubes and collectors can reach (stagnation temperature 300C or 565F) we are easily able to produce industrial or commercial process heat to 200C or roughly 400F throughout the day.  Scale that down and you only need a single 10 tube collector for the majority of all the hot water for 1-2 people, see our residential sizing guide in our documents section. 

High Efficiencies and Quality Standards are our keys to success!


Innovation award for the NARVA Vacuum Tube


NARVA received the award of innovation (in Germany) for its product, vacuum tubes, at the 18th Symposium of Solar Thermal Energy held from the 23rd to the 25th April 2008 in Kloster Banz, Bad Staffelstein, The company competed with well-known competitors like GRUNDFOS, STIEBEL ELTRON and STECA.

Decisive for the award to NARVA was an evaluation as best producers, with regard to:

• Innovation
• Energetic relevance
• Market relevance
• Issued property rights

Prof. Dr. Goetzberger, speaker of the jury, particularly pointed out in his laudatory speech that with the NARVA product, a product is available which is extremely suitable for the solar process heat market.  This area of application usually needs higher temperatures which are best achieved with the use of collectors with vacuum tubes.

NARVA carried out this step in solar technology in mid 2007. About a million vacuum tubes can be manufactured here per shift and year with a new plant. Due to NARVA’s 40-years of experience in the field of glass manufacturing and processing, their extensive knowledge about coating and vacuum processes, as well as experience in the field of glass-metal-compounds, they have been able to realize the production and process very quickly.  Especially the patent-protected glass-metal compound between sheathing and absorber makes the product robust and durable. Through the coating with nano-particles, the transparency of the glass is once again considerably improved and with that, the effectiveness of the tubes.  The vacuum tubes are presently available, in direct flow, and three standard lengths. New versions are always in development.

The production in Brand-Erbisdorf includes all the essential production stages. The tube is made at the company’s own glass factory; the prefabrication manufactures the copper absorber units. The assembly of both parts for the finished product takes place at the new plant which was put into operation in 2007. Under full operation, this has an annual capacity to provide 15,000 households with heating requirement.